Coding the Arduino: Building Fun Programs, Games, and Electronic Projects by Bob Dukish

Coding the Arduino: Building Fun Programs, Games, and Electronic Projects.

About This Book :

This book is intended for someone new to computer coding and electronics technology. It contains four sections. The first provides a background on electronic components and circuits. We then begin writing game code for an Arduino development board using a subset of the popular programming language called C++. In the third section, we build electronic game and communications projects, and modify some of the code presented in previous chapters to operate the devices. The fourth section expands on the functionality of some of the programs presented in previous chapters and challenges the reader with capstone projects. As we present programs throughout the text, and later make modifications to perform additional functions, we will generally rewrite the original code and highlight new code placed into the more functional programs.

At the end of each chapter, there are review questions that allow the reader an opportunity to test his or her comprehension of the material. Additionally, coding projects will be described where the program code that is presented can be modified, or in which two or more of the sample programs can be used to synthesize a new program as the solution to the problem that is presented. Answers to both the review questions and solution help to the coding projects appear in the Appendix. Additionally, the Appendix contains information about the use of Arduino libraries that simplify program coding.

There are many different ways to code a program, just as there are many different routes that can be taken on a trip between two points on the globe. The final objective in traveling is to arrive at an intended destination. I consider the learning process to be like a trek along an infinite pathway, and many of the examples in this text take what might be termed the scenic route to discover new and interesting things along the way. This helps make the learning experience more immersive, just as if one were on vacation and able to spend additional time exploring unknown areas of the world to discover new things. It is also hoped that the adventurous learner will experiment with the programs by coding modifications to the projects as they are presented.

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