Arduino Projects For Dummies 1st Edition by Brock Craft pdf

Arduino Projects For Dummies 1st Edition by Brock Craft.

Have you heard a lot about Arduinos and wanted to get to know how they work a little bit better? Maybe you have a friend who’s used an Arduino to build some crazy project or interactive gizmo. Perhaps you have an Arduino lying around that you always thought you’d get working but never had the time to do it. It’s time to blow the dust off! Maybe you just want some inspiration and fun projects to do in your spare time or on the weekends. If so, this is exactly the book for you. The projects here show off some of the amazing capabilities of an Arduino, and they can all be completed without any prior expertise or experience. It’s also a great companion to other Arduino books that you may have bought or skimmed through. 

Arduino Projects For Dummies is an inspiring collection of fun and interesting things you can do with an Arduino. I’ve packed in a wide range of cool ideas for things you can do. Best of all, I selected them so that after you’ve done a few of them, you’ll have most of the technical knowledge you’ll need to come up with your own amazing gadgets, widgets, and interactive stuff. Whether you are an Arduino newbie or a seasoned pro, these projects are super fun to build and help you to really get your creative ideas flowing. 

Why Arduino? 

It’s no secret that Arduino has been making a lot of news lately, especially among makers, tinkerers, and hobbyists. All kinds of people are getting into the powerful and interactive things you can do with an Arduino — from school kids to university researchers, to artists and designers. One thing that sets apart Arduino from a lot of other platforms is that anyone can write new programs to use with it and share them online. Even more powerfully, special code collections called libraries extend the things Arduino can do by allowing you to connect cameras, motors, printers, scanners, remote controls — you name it. Because anyone can create code for Arduino and share it online, the community is really growing fast. It’s been instrumental in renewing interest in electronics and new hacker spaces all over the country where people build cool things, such as autonomous robots, 3D printers, and interactive artwork.

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