Office 2019 For Dummies 1st Edition by Wallace Wang pdf free download

Office 2019 For Dummies 1st Edition by Wallace Wang pdf.

Office 2019 For Dummies 1st Edition by Wallace Wang

Office 2019 For Dummies 1st Edition by Wallace Wang free pdf download.

Contents at a Glance
Part 1: Getting Started with Office 2019 
CHAPTER 1: Introducing Microsoft Office 2019 
CHAPTER 2: Selecting and Editing Data 
CHAPTER 3: Modifying Pictures and Drawing on Documents
CHAPTER 4: Getting Help from Office 2019 

Part 2: Working with Word
CHAPTER 5: Typing Text in Word 
CHAPTER 6: Formatting Text 
CHAPTER 7: Designing Your Pages 

Part 3: Playing the Numbers with Excel 
CHAPTER 8: The Basics of Spreadsheets: Numbers, Labels, and Formulas
CHAPTER 9: Playing with Formulas
CHAPTER 10: Charting and Analyzing Data 

Part 4: Making Presentations with PowerPoint
CHAPTER 11: Creating a PowerPoint Presentation 
CHAPTER 12: Adding Color and Pictures to a Presentation
CHAPTER 13: Showing Off a Presentation

Part 5: Getting Organized with Outlook 
CHAPTER 14: Managing Email with Outlook 
CHAPTER 15: Calendars, Contacts, and Tasks

Part 6: Storing Stuff in Access
CHAPTER 16: Using a Database 
CHAPTER 17: Searching, Sorting, and Querying a Database
CHAPTER 18: Creating a Database Report 

Part 7: The Part of Tens
CHAPTER 19: Ten Tips for Using Office 2019
CHAPTER 20: Ten Ways to Make Office 2019 Easier to Use

Welcome to the most popular office productivity software in the world. If you’re already familiar with Microsoft Office 2007/2010/2013/2016, you’ll find that the new Microsoft Office 2019 is familiar enough to use right away with minimal training. If you’ve been using a much older version of Office (such as Office 2003 or earlier), you’ll find Office 2019 to be a radical leap forward in both features and its user interface. 

Like most software, the challenge is figuring out where to find the commands you need and understanding how to use them in the correct order to do something useful. Although this book won’t turn you into a Microsoft Office 2019 expert overnight, it will give you just enough information so you can feel confident using Office 2019 to do something quickly and easily, without tearing your hair out and losing your mind in the process. 

In this book, you find out how to master the Ribbon user interface and discover the dozens of new features that Microsoft added to your favorite program, including its new drawing feature, which lets you add text, arrows, lines, and scribbles directly to an Office 2019 document, such as an Excel spreadsheet or a PowerPoint slide. More importantly, you find a host of shortcuts and tips to help you work faster and more efficiently than ever before. Whether you rely on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, or Outlook, you’re sure to glean something new from this book to help you master Office 2019 on your own computer.

To get the most from this book, you need to understand the following conventions:
» The mouse pointer usually appears as an arrow and serves multiple purposes.
First, you use the mouse pointer to select data (text, numbers, email messages, and so on) to change. Second, you use the mouse pointer to tell Office 2019 which commands you want to use to change the data you selected. Finally, the appearance of the mouse pointer can reveal the options available to you at that moment. (Although it’s called a mouse pointer, you can move and control it using either a mouse or a trackpad.)
» Clicking means moving the mouse pointer over something on the screen (such as a menu command or a button), pressing the left mouse button once, and then letting go. Clicking tells the computer, “See what I’m pointing at? That’s what I want to choose right now.”
» Double-clicking means pointing at something with the mouse pointer and clicking the left mouse button twice in rapid succession.
» Dragging means holding down the left mouse button while moving the mouse. Dragging typically moves something from one onscreen location to another, such as moving a word from the top of a paragraph to the bottom. 
» Right-clicking means moving the mouse pointer over something and clicking the right mouse button once. Right-clicking typically displays a shortcut menu of additional options. In addition to understanding these terms to describe different mouse actions, you also need to understand different keystroke conventions. When you see an instruction such as Ctrl+P, that means to hold down the Ctrl key, press the P key, and then let go of both the Ctrl and P keys at the same time. 

Finally, most computer mice offer a scroll wheel that you can roll up or down or press. The scroll wheel scrolls windows up or down, whether you’re using Office 2019 or nearly any other type of program as well. In Office 2019, the scroll wheel doesn’t serve a unique purpose, but it can be a handy tool for rapidly scrolling through windows in any Office 2019 program.

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Download Office 2019 For Dummies 1st Edition by Wallace Wang in free pdf format.

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