Underground Houses How to Build a Low-Cost Home Robert L. Roy free pdf download

Underground Houses How to Build a Low-Cost Home Robert L. Roy.

Underground Houses How to Build a Low-Cost Home Robert L. Roy

Table Of Contents:
1. Design

2. Siting 

3. Excavation

4. Footing
Frostwall … Placing the Forms… Final Preparations before the Pour … Pouring the Footing … Be Ready for That Truck!… Removing the Forms 

5. The Floor
Surface Bonding …. The First Course of Blocks … Pillar Footings… Underfloor Drains… Understove Vents … Rough Plumbing … Wire Mesh Reinforcing … The Fence … Pouring the Floor 

6. External Walls
Building Surface-Bonded Walls … Waterproofing Walls … Plates 

7. Framework
Post and Beam Framework … Setting up the Posts … Plank and Beam Roofing … Installing the Rafters… We Interrupt This Story To

8. The Roof
Styrofoam Insulation and Particle Board … Waterproof Membrane … Flashing 

9. Backfilling 
Footing Drain … Backfilling 

10. Sod

11. Closing In
Installing the External Molding … Installing the Internal Molding …The Door… Infilling with Stovewood Masonry 

12. Retaining Walls and Landscaping 

13. The Interior 
The Heat Sink Wiring and Plumbing… Floor Covering 

14. Advantages 
“Energy Nosebleed”… Leaks in Skylights … Pressure on Retaining Board … Condensation … Heating … Cooling … Economy of Construction

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Download Underground Houses How to Build a Low-Cost Home Robert L. Roy in free pdf download.

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