Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology 7th edition free pdf download

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology 7th edition.

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology 7th edition

SECTION 1: Theory of Heat
SECTION 2: Safety, Tools and Equipment, and Shop Practices
SECTION 3: Basic Automatic Controls
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Malestrom
SECTION 4: Electric Motors
SECTION 5: Commercial Refrigeration
SECTION 6: Air-Conditioning (Heating and Humidification)
SECTION 7: Air-Conditioning (Cooling)
SECTION 8: All-Weather Systems
SECTION 9: Domestic Appliances
HVAC Troubleshooting Guide
HVAC Control System Design Diagrams

This text was developed to provide the technical information necessary for a technician to be able to perform satisfactorily on the job. It is written at a level that most students can easily understand. Practical application of the technology is emphasized. Terms commonly used by technicians and mechanics have been used throughout to make the text easy to read and to present the material in a practical way. Many of these key terms are also defi ned in the glossary. This text is updated regularly in response to market needs and emerging trends. Refrigeration and air-conditioning instructors have reviewed each unit. A technical review takes place before a revision is started and also during the revision process. Illustrations and photos are used extensively throughout the text. Full-color treatment of most photos and illustrations helps amplify the concepts presented. No prerequisites are required for this text. It is designed to be used by beginning students, as well as by those with training and experience.

Considerable thought and study have been devoted to the organization of this text. Difficult  decisions had to be made to provide text in a format that would meet the needs of varied institutions. Instructors from different areas of the country and from various institutions were asked for their ideas regarding the organization of the instructional content.

 The text is organized so that after completing the fi rst four sections, students may concentrate on courses in refrigeration or air conditioning (heating and/or cooling). If the objective
is to complete a whole program, the instruction may proceed until the sequence scheduled by
the school’s curriculum is completed.

This edition of the book will involve a universal change for units incorporating SERVICE TECHNICIAN CALLS. The SERVICE TECHNICIAN CALLS will now incorporate customer relations and technician soft skills.

The introduction is now part of Section 1. New and/or expanded topics include:
• New updated timeline
• New topic on Green Awareness
• Expanded coverage on Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
• New topic on Programmatic Accreditation
• Expanded coverage on Customer Relations and Technician Soft Skills

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